A Full Spectrum of Retina Care

Retinal Health

The retina is the inner lining of the eye and works like the film in a camera. Light enters the eye and is focused onto the retina, the light-sensing part of the eye.

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Diagnostic Testing

RCTX uses advanced technology to help detect potential retinal problems and design precise, customized treatment plans to optimize care for each of our patients.

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Retinal Conditions

Retina Consultants of Texas’s sub-specialized team of board-certified physicians diagnoses and treats a full range of diseases and conditions that affect the eye’s retina and vitreous.

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Ocular Oncology

Cancers are diseases characterized by large masses of cells (tumors) that develop when healthy cells do not develop properly or become damaged and begin to divide uncontrollably.

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Anti-VEGF eye injections (Eylea, Lucentis, and Avastin) are one of the most common and effective treatments for a wide range of retinal and macular conditions.

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Common Retinal Conditions